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Your book cover is a crucial marketing asset, and it can often make or break a sale to a curious reader. In this class, award-winning illustrator Grace P. Fong gives students the tools needed to find and communicate effectively with artists so they can bring your story to life. 

Seeing your book's new cover is one of the most exciting times for an author. But how do you finally arrive at that point? How do you condense thousands of words into a single image that reaches the right audience? Whether you're traditionally or self-published, this class will give you the tools you need to find and communicate with artists so they can bring your story to life.

Topics Covered:

- Formatting an Art Brief

- Dos and Don'ts

- Finding and Paying an Artist

Student Takeaways:

- Writing an Art Brief

Duration of Class

60 minutes

About Grace P. Fong

Grace P. Fong is an Hugo-nominated and Ignyte-winning illustrator who makes covers for speculative fiction magazines and anthologies. Recent clients include Strange Horizons, Glitter+ Ashes, and Silk and Steel. She also works as a narrative designer at Wizards of the Coast, specializing in art writing for Magic: The Gathering. Find her online at http://www.artstation.com/fictograph

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