About this course

The videos included in this course are recordings of a live class. The instructor is not available for questions or feedback at this time.

As writers and readers we all bring something different to the page and have our own lens with which we view not only the world, but the media we consume. Learn how to leverage your unique perspective and expertise into a well crafted essay on your favorite media. Do you have opinions on the great man theory and science fiction, or want people to understand the racist history of mapmaking and its effects on the modern fantasy novel? Perhaps you want to write about how a particular show made you feel seen. In this class we will learn how to come up with essay ideas and examine the basics of form and crafting essays related to/on speculative fiction topics.

Topics Covered:

  • Brainstorming Essays Topics
  • Finding an audience
  • Essay construction
  • Markets

Student Takeaways:

  • Students will know how to brainstorm essay topics, how to find their target audience, and craft relatable and coherent essays.

Duration of Class

60 minutes

About David Gilmore

David Gilmore (he/him) was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and may or may not owe his continued residence in the Midwest to an intergalactic bounty on his head, but he’d never tell. He holds an MFA from Lindenwood University, and his fiction and nonfiction have been featured in The Lindenwood Review, and The Rumpus. He was an editor with The Lindenwood Review, Shimmer Magazine, and is currently the Nonfiction Editor of The Deadlands By day he’s a mild mannered Technical Analyst, and at night he’s a keeper of arcane mysteries protecting the world from all manner of threats. When he’s not stirring up trouble throughout the cosmos he’s either spending time with his wife and son, or working on writing and editing.

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